Eva Berlin Fransiskus work experiences

TripAdvisor Singapore Pte Ltd, USA

APAC Content Specialist, Indonesian, Jan 2015-current.
In addition to the continuing works as Global Content Specialist, I also:
Mentor new members of the team - As the most senior team member in Singapore office, I impart both my knowledge on the technical skill and my experiences managing content to the newer team members. 
Give quality assessment on the works of the new team members - I compile weekly report to make sure the new team members are on the right track and check which part needs more improvements.
Provide weekly reports on listings for all APAC languages - As the liaison between APAC content team and Places team that is based in US, I provide the weekly metrics on APAC listings' backlog and turnaround time.
Provide weekly reports Indonesian content - I keep an eye on Indonesian market's backlog, automation results/improvements, fraudulent activities, and more.
Set deadlines for team projects and make sure they are met - APAC team is responsible for the utmost quality of each of our languages. Other than our daily operational tasks, we also work on projects to improve the quality of our content. Whenever there's a project that we need to finish as a team, I support the team by keeping an eye on the progress and make sure everything is done within the deadline.
Ensure the integrity of TripAdvisor content via proprietary tools and processes - Some of the tools we use is Navicat (SQL), Zendesk, Confluence, Atlas, Jira.
Localisation and improvements - As part of my responsibility, I observe TripAdvisor Indonesian POS daily for localization improvements, and reach out to relevant teams to share localisation ideas and/or improvements

Global Content Specialist, Indonesian, Jan 2014-Jan 2015.
• Oversee review submissions and/or forums posts for Indonesian market • Oversee photo submissions and owner response to make sure they are according to our guidelines • Monitor user feedback, and communicate user needs to appropriate teams • Process incoming listings requests to maintain the accuracy of our database of destinations, hotel, restaurant and attractions, and localising property names as appropriate • Track and report upon on content metrics • Translate templates and make sure they're updated at any point of time

People Trends Pte Ltd, Singapore

Writer and editor (Internship), Oct 2011 – Aug 2012.
I wrote articles on Human Resources Management and Development.
I interviewed many business leaders and experts (among them Alvin Yapp, Professor Hum Sin Hoon, Anand Tharmaratnam) and wrote their life experiences and lessons into articles.
I oversaw the whole production of Human Capital Magazine, a formal publication of SHRI (Singapore Human Resources Institute) within a tight schedule. The process included collection and editing of articles, as well as the construction of the flat-plan.

Indoconnex Magazine, Singapore

Freelance translator and writer, Aug 2010 – Dec 2010.
I translated various articles on health and lifestyle, from Indonesian and English and vice versa.
I wrote coverage on events by Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, and Indonesian Student Associations in Singapore.
I was in charge of the distribution of the magazine.

iMedia Entertainment, Indonesia-Singapore

Junior editor (Internship), June 2007 – Dec 2007.
As an assistant for the Video Editor, I was responsible for sorting various rough cuts editing and trailers creation.
Through the experience, I experienced the industry first-hand and gained advance skill in using Final Cut Pro and LiveType.