Johns Hopkins University, USA (Aug–Oct 2016)

Statement of Accomplishment for Psychological First Aid

Wesleyan University, USA (Aug – Oct 2013)

Statement of Accomplishment for Social Psychology

University of Newcastle, Australia, May 2008 – Aug 2011.

Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations and Journalism)
Double major in Public Relations and Journalism.
Attained Distinctions in the following subjects:
4 Professional Writing: Prepared news articles based on real activities and events.
4 Public Relations:
ú Prepared PR Plan for Organizing Chaos Daily Pte Ltd consisted of SWOT analysis, budget and evaluation plan and media release.
ú Prepared a communication audit for Family Life Society consists of SWOT analysis, event plans, and recommendations; and client prose consists of news release, feature story, and brochure.
ú Media Interviews: Conducted a face-to-face interview using Marantz recorder; and a telephone interview through radio studio.

Yos Sudarso Senior High School, July 2003 – June 2006.

Achieved an overall cumulative marks of 24.13 out of 30 for National Exam.
• Received perfect score for English Language for the Final Exam.

Yos Sudarso Junior High School (2000-2003), Elementary School (1994-2000), and Kindergarten (1991-1994).